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Customer testimonials

Jerry Piper-

  "Prescription Recording. -  Just what the doctor ordered.  As an independent artist with 3 hit records under my belt I  highly recommend Mike from Prescription Recording. Studios can buy all the fancy equipment they want, but the only thing that  matters in this business is "ears". If you don't  have "ears" as the top industry people in this business refer to it, the best equipment is no better than a race car at the Daytona 500 with an 85 year old lady driving it".

  "We were finishing up a project after recording in some of the best studios in Nashville and New York when we discovered Mike and his "ears". It was so evident that his mix was so superior than anyone else we were working with that we decided to finish the project with him. That album became album of the year for me, and helped make me Songwriter of the Year. Thank you Mike, and take care of those golden lobes on either side of your head."  -- Jerry Piper CMA state rep N.J. and Germany.

Fermin Lopez , President of Love Records L.A.-  ( after intending to track at Prescription and mix at the Latin Records studio.)

 " Mike, The sounds you get!! Leave the masters here. I'll fly back to L.A. and over the next 2 weeks talk it over with Latin records. Were mixing with you!!"

Todd Parker,  Bakery Records-

  "The perfect prescription for your recording studio blues."

John Willoughby-

  "I've been using Prescription's recording facilities for over 10 years now, and have always found it more than adequate for all my musical needs. Mike Somoracki has an exceptional ear for music, and has always given all my projects a hundred and ten percent."

Rita Fuchsberg- (Annie Moore project)

  "Mike is on the level. He's got a great ear, he's really patient and really makes each instrument very distinguished. He posthumously corrected the voice,  and it takes a very special person to change the  original pitch and sound to the singer's original intention. He's really on the level"

Brian Catanzaro-

  "Mike knows what I'm talking about when I use technical terms and he knows what it takes to make a really good production. He is an audio wizard who knows how to get the best sound out of his gear."

Frank Cozzarelli-

  "The quality of his service is second to none."

Terri- (formerly  w/ Good Girls Don't - currently Wurley Minerva)

 "Mike has a great ear."

Steven Jon  Kaplan-

"I worked with Mike to record my first CD, Temptaion. A friend of mine had a grand piano which was by itself in almost the entire first floor of a large house. Mike was able to get the recording equipment set up to produce virtually a perfect piano sound in this space.  Mike also gave me valuable suggestions throughout the process of making the CD.  He carefully supervised the mastering of the CD to make sure that it was done according to his precise requirements. Most importantly, he had a clear goal about how the process should be done, and worked diligently  to ensure that this goal was achieved.


"On every level Prescription recording studios is great, fantastic sound and the engineer is an exceptional technician with a vast musical knowledge to capture our music. We love recording there!"