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Why Use Us

You can't buy experience in a box.

You can't capture it as good as we can at home, and neither can our competitors in their studios.

Rita Fuchsberg- "Bill did his C.D. in a $175.00 per hr. studio in Brooklyn, and everybody's telling us the C.D. you did for us in your studio SOUNDS BETTER!"

We regularly recieve such praises at Prescription recording.

Over the past 22 years Chief Engineer / Independent Producer Mike Somoracki has earned a reputation that extends across the Atlantic as an exacting engineer, and as a producer for his warm clear sound, perfect pitch, ( a priceless producers asset, when it comes to coaching a vocalist and drawing out their best performance) creative contributions, great ears and exacting sound choices. He has worked with and has the confidence of many artists who have sold millions of records. --Artists like Ron Amodea,  Buddy Hankerson,  Stevens Productions, (producers for Melissa Etheridge + Sarah Mc Lachlin)  Lenny Welch, Fermin Lopez of Love - Latin Records L.A. etc. A  hammond player since the mid sixties and a synth programmer from moogs until now, he has developed a keen musical sense and his production talents are available affordably by contract via points.

  Perhaps the best reasons can be found in our customer testimonials.  We are also associated with several industry heavyweights (including one who got his start working with Clive Davis) that are willing to make success possible should the right artist come along, at the right time, with a signed production contract.