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Rates include Engineer and Studio Time

31 Track Analog / Digital  $45.00 per hour

24 Track Digital $40.00 per hour

16 track Digital $35.00 per hour

8 Track Analog / Digital $30.00 per hour

Remote 8 track Digital $40.00 per hour thoughout the job.
(Large Orchestras, Grand Piano, Seminars etc. Not for regular bands as no headphone mix and full mic collection is not available on remote jobs)

Master Tapes:
DA88 Digital- $17.00 each (8 tracks per tape)
DAT- $15.00

1/2 inch 8 track analog-
$95.00 a  reel  (runs about 30 minutes)
If you intend to finish your project quickly you don't have to buy the reel. We can save your analog multitrack master to Digital for later remix etc, saving you most of the $95.00. However if you intend to do any punching in post mix, ( and you should have done that before the first mix anyway)  you will need to buy the analog reel, as your punch ins will need to be analog to sound the same.

Studio Musicians as per their specifications

Production -  4% royalty calculated from suggested retail price OR  $1000.00 per song.
(most people choose the royalty)

Equipment storage for lazy people $60.00 per day (does not apply if sessions are on consecutive days)
We make every effort to avoid this and use discretion but as we know, there are some inconsiderate people in this world.

Cancellation charge  $60.00

No Show Charge  1/2 the time booked or $75.00 whichever is greater.

Prescription recording reserves the right to charge a deposit to be collected upon confirmation. If a deposit is charged  it replaces the no show charges listed above and is not refundable upon a no show. If no dates are missed it is refunded to the client as time on the last day. In the event of a no show, all charges must be paid prior to future bookings.

Allowances can be made for a sick vocalist, severe winter storm or family emergency, at the studios discretion.  Any other reason will mean you lose your deposit or incur a no show charge.