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Jingle Packages

Prescription recordings vast resources in different style songwriters, instruments, musicians and voice over talent or even your own voice, make it easy to satisfy your companies radio marketing needs. Let us write a jingle for you. Fill out the form  and click send on the bottom right of this page  telling us about your company and services and we will write one or more jingles and record a rough version (a demo), and call you and play it over the phone, or if necessary send you a rough cassette or CD. If you like it then we can do a deal and record the fully produced and polished versions.

  Nothing gets your business more attention than a catchy jingle somebody can't get out of their head,  and you can still have the radio announcer talk over the jingle for your specials etc. using the "doughnut cuts". Prices vary due to the number of musicians needed, the number of stores it is used for, in state, a few states, or national coverage etc. We will use the info on the submit form to provide you with a bargain estimate  when you listen to the rough version and know if you want to go through with it. WE DEMO FOR FREE. IT WON'T COST YOU ANYTHING TO FIND OUT IF YOU LIKE WHAT WE WRITE. To check out what we did for Harley of Edison (60 second cut) click on this-. Harley of Edison 923KB

What's a jingle package?

When you purchase the right to use a jingle written by us, we provide you with 6 different versions of the jingle. 1 - 60 second all-sing, 1 - 60 second version with name and slogan in the beginning and at the end, with a space in the middle where the radio announcer puts in the talking, (in the jingle business this is called a doughnut). Plus a 60 second front bed, with an announcer space at the beginning and name and slogan at the end. You also get 3 - 30 second versions or (cuts) in the same fashion to give you maximum flexibility in your advertising. Don't have much to say but a small offer or special this week? Call the station and when you give them the add copy, use the 30 second doughnut or front bed.

You get 2 CD's for the radio station, one of which is in Broadcast Wave format. for the radio station, 2 CD's for you to keep as a safety, and 2 CD's of the whole jingle package so you can write your own add copy.

Unlike my competitors I don't care if you use it FOREVER!  It's a one time investment.

ASCAP protects the jingle and collects my royalties from the radio station NOT YOU.


You can't sell anybody anything until you get their ATTENTION! Jingles last for years in peoples minds. That's like free radio time!  Research shows memory retention of a jingle is 10 times faster than an all talking add.  That's why all the big companies who paid  for that research, use jingles.   

Fill out this form and let us show you what we can do for you. It costs you NOTHING to see if you like what we write!  (See conditions and restrictions below the form)

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What are the products?:
What sets you apart from the competition?:
Do you use a special slogan or motto?:
Specific info on your location. (landmarks, area, near, access to, etc.):
What type of music would best fit your business in a jingle? Tempo ?(Fast, upbeat, medium, easy, slow etc.):
What specifically would you like to promote in the jingle? :
Additional info, comments, instructions::

Conditions and Restrictions

By filling out and sending in this form, you and your company agree not to disclose the jingle to anyone except company staff and/or advertising agency, and that the purpose of the jingle demo (by phone, tape, CD or any other format) is soley for the purpose of review by company staff and/or advertising agency, to decide upon purchasing the use of the jingle.  You and your company and/or advertising agency agree not to make any copies of the jingle demo, and not to have any close parody's of the jingle written and/or recorded by anyone except prescription recording and it's in house writers. Copyright remains in the name of original authors throughout the deal.

Prescription recording d.b.a. Mike Somoracki Publishing  ASCAP