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The De Lorean
DMC 12 Sound Sample 226 KB
Brace yourself for temporal displacement!     DMC 12 Standard Issue

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Mike's 1982 Delorean DMC 12

A rare version of only 1350 1982 DMC-12's, only about 100 or so were equipped at the dealer with these factory option side stripes.  Only a few cars were equipped with the factory dead rest pedal and this is one of them.  Engineered by Colin Chapman  and Lotus, body by Giugario this car is lightweight (2700 lbs full of fuel) and blisteringly fast! Built in January 1982 it was built the month before John Z Delorean's company put into recievership. (#11484)  His idea of building an "efficient respectable sports car that would save 50 barrels of crude oil throughout its lifetime" was brilliant,  and I say his choice of engines (the PRV V-6) was perfect. In many ways the car is way ahead of it's time. Even today.  I have the ultimate respect for Mr. Delorean and pledge to do my best to keep his dream alive. I've had people hanging out car windows with cameras snapping photos at it while driving down the highway! A driver of a brand new Ferrari stopped in traffic to look and gave me a big thumbs up. I could have sworn it was Paul O' Neil. Corvette drivers have done the same - pulled up and stopped in traffic on the other side of the road and asked to buy it!  I used to dream about owning a Ferrari but now, I wouldn't trade this car for a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, or anything else.

So why was DMC closed? To me it's a story of the brutal persecution of a brilliant genius by the "Powers that be" who were out to destroy his company, because they percieved it as a threat.  It was the only British sports car at the time that was making a profit.

It is sad to note John Z Delorean's death as of March 19, 2005.  The 1250 Horsepower car was real,  (DMC  2) and the prototype of it can be seen at Few people know that the original DMC 12 was futher developed by him in the mid 1980's when he was planning to re start DMC in the USA. The Firestar 500 design was a black DMC 12 without the front airdam and a 500 hp racing engine in the rear, using bonneville type tires!  With 500 lbs less weight, the backer estimated 0-60 in 4 seconds and a 220 mph top speed claiming it would be  the world's fastest production car. John Delorean made arrangements to purchase the remaining DMC 12 parts stock from a mid west man who bought most of them, and was ready to go back to Ireland to pick up the body dies, when the brits oh so nicely then decided  to sell them to fisherman to use them as anchors in Galway Bay!

Sadly my car was hit by a very drunk butthole late in '02. ( .24 on the breathalizer) I ended up doubled over in pain in the hospital. My car is currently at PJ Grady's awaiting a body -off -frame repair. I am lucky to have the only sidestripe kit, and factory left rear glass reinforced plastic replacement pontoon in the country. It's all up to P.J. Grady now, and for the drunk my attorneys after it's fixed!

UPDATE  2/26/07- Car was returned fully repaired on 1/19/07.