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M3500 - 32
TASCAM  M3500 32x8 64 inputs in mix
TASCAM  M 216 16x4  available via sub ins for a total of
80 + inputs in mix  12 Group

TASCAM  DA88  (3)  24 track digital DTRS with SY-88 sync card (full SMPTE and MMC)
RC 848 Remote
TASCAM  Model 38  1/2 inch  analog 8 track  DBX  type 1 and  2 channels of type 2 ava.
TASCAM  234  Syncaset  4 track
TASCAM  112 Cassette  (2)
TEAC  W370C Double Cassette
TEAC  V 285 CHX  Cassette
31 tracks available with analog - digital SMPTE lockup

Compaq Presario 5BWM21, Pentium 3, 933 Mhz, 60 GB Hard Drive, with Philips CDRW, Sonar  and C.D. burning Software. Offline. Web computer not listed here.

Test - Alignment Equipment
Hewlett Packard 1202B Oscilloscope
Hewlett Packard 3400 A  RMS voltmeter  Audio Frequency level meter

All analog tape recorders are aligned in house to better than factory specs if
possible, according to procedure with factory test tapes.

JI Cooper PPS - 2  (supports smart fsk, midi time code and  direct time lock,  jam sync etc.)

UREI  809's  a mirror imaged pair
Auratone  5c  Sound  Cubes

Sony MDR 7506  (5)
AKG K141
Pioneer SE 205  (3)

Headphone amps
Peavey  HB - 1  (3)
Peavey PD - 4  Distribution box  (2)

U87 AIZ Fet 80
Neumann U87 AIZ Fet 80  The BEST of the best!
AKG C460 B  "ULS"/61  (2)
AKG D112  (2)
Sennhieser  MD 441
Sennhieser  MD 421  (5)  Worlds best drum mics.
Shure 545 SD
Shure  SM 58
Shure  SM 57  (4)
AKG D65S  (2)  (for rehearsals)
The legendary GREEN  MEANIE  for  the most deadly  rock  guitar  sound you ever heard!

Effects and Signal Processing
Alesis  Quadraverb
Yamaha  Rev 7
Yamaha  SPX 90 II
Yamaha  SPX 90
Digitech Time Machine RDS 4000  Sampling  DDL  (2)
Ibanez  DD200  DDL  (2 units in one)
Boss  DE - 200 DDL
Aphex 612 Expander / Gate
Aphex  Aural Exciter 104 type C2 with Big Bottom
Electronic pitch correction available

Alesis 3630
Audio Logic MT-66

Legendary Unit !- Ashley Model SC-63 triple band sweepable parametric with variable Q (16hz to 24khz!)
RANE  RE 27  27 band graphic e.q. with spectrum analyzer
RANE GE 27  27 band graphic e.q.
Yamaha  GE 40 Natural Sound 10 band stereo graphic
TEAC  EQA - 5  10 band stereo graphic

Noise Reduction
DBX 224X  type II  2 channels
DBX 150X  type I  8 channels

Drum Machine Gear
Alesis HR - 16
Alesis D4
Yamaha PTX8  Tone Generator
Yamaha PSD8  2 zone snare drum trig pad
Yamaha  PTT8  Tom trig pad
Yamaha PBD8  Bass drum trig pad
Any MIDI synth or sampler can be triggered by audio or drum machine through the PTX8!

Hammond, Dx7, Minimoog, Memorymoog Plus
Ensoniq Mirage Samplers (2) with visual editing and MASOS software, external input sampling filter and full sample library, and many custom samples.
Memorymoog  Plus
Korg  Ex 8000 Digital  Wavetable synth
1975 Mini Moog
Yamaha  DX7  (the original)
Yamaha TX 81Z  Tone Generator
1971 Hammond  Porta - B  with mint condition Leslie 122  all tube!
Sequencer  Passport Master Tracks
Anatek Pocket Midi Filter
Arp Omni and RMI Electra Piano  available on request.
Prescription recording reserves the right to restrict keyboard availability due to rough playing style and or abuse. Many of these keyboards belong in a museum and no longer have parts available. We ask that artists take care and if there is any rough hammond playing necessary let Mike do it. Broken black hammond keys are no longer replaceable and platinum ciphers caused by rough playing can cause damage beyond repair and render this classic useless!!

Guitar amps
Marshall JCM 2550 50 watt  Ampeg V-4B Bass amp all tube
Marshall  JCM  2550  50 watt with 2 greenbacks and 2 JBL's  (1 year after silver anniversary)
1975  Ampeg  V - 4 B  Bass amp with  4   12 inch  drivers

House Drum Kit
1990 Ludwig Rocker II  5 piece, single bass  6.5  wood snare,  speed king pedal.
Bring your own cymbals and all cymbal stands ( Hi Hat too) and a seat or :
Bring your own kit if you want.

Guitar Pedals
MXR Phase 90  (the original)
Marshall Shred Master
Ibanez Fat Cat
DOD 565A  Stereo Chorus

Rehearsal P.A.
Peavey CS 1200 (350 Watts/channel into 8 ohms)
Kelsey 8 channel Pro Club Mixer
2 TOA 380SE  360 watt Speakers
AKG / Shure mics
Music Stands and cassette machine ava.

Prescription recording uses top quality  cables like Mogami Low Noise Mic Cable,  Monster Cable,  custom made Belden Ultra low Capacitance triple foil shield snakes,  foil shield Canare, and  TASCAM cables to preserve every nuance of your talent, and our mic pre's are within 3 dB's of the theoretical minimum for  noise.